Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spare room almost done!!!

This is our guest room before renovations started. I don't have very many pictures of this room, but the few I do have should give you an idea. The house as you can probably tell had been set fire to by some local misguided youth. ( that's the polite version) the hardwood floors however survived unscathed aside from some smoke damage.

The plaster was torn down to allow for actual insulation, rather than the wood shaving and hydrated lime combination we found behind some walls. And of course we added new wiring and plumbing.
This is the hall but gives you an idea of the demo (good times!).

We salvaged the window and door trim

We have had the house partially finished for five years and now we are trying to complete one room at a time. Of course the paint needed to be refreshed, perfect time to choose new colors.

This is an old headboard I bought at a yard sale, getting ready to paint.

New crown molding...

And finally the after

We still need to refinish the doors and put in some closet organization.
And maybe someday a lampshade!

Thankfully our only guest to date is my 6yr. old nephew who doesn't seem to mind the lack of a bedroom door.

Thanks for stopping by our guest room.


  1. Hi Megan :)

    You did a beautiful job! My mom did contruction on her old farmhouse like that, so I know how much work that entails. Amazing transformation :)


  2. Hi Megan,
    You are doing a lot of work but it will be beautiful!
    I love the bedroom you have done,it looks so serene.I see you like toile as well.
    Take care,

  3. Hi Megan,
    I just showed your photo to my daughter and she loved the color of your guest room and wondered if you could tell us the paint color name.
    thank you,

  4. Wow. Some transformation!!!! Absolutely gorgous.

  5. A pretty room and what a transformation. Old houses have lots more character.

  6. It's all looking lovely, great job!
    Greetings from Italy,

  7. Hi Megan... just wondering if you took the summer off from blogging, and how your old house is coming along.
    Hope all is well with you and yours!
    Cass (That Old House)