Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spare room almost done!!!

This is our guest room before renovations started. I don't have very many pictures of this room, but the few I do have should give you an idea. The house as you can probably tell had been set fire to by some local misguided youth. ( that's the polite version) the hardwood floors however survived unscathed aside from some smoke damage.

The plaster was torn down to allow for actual insulation, rather than the wood shaving and hydrated lime combination we found behind some walls. And of course we added new wiring and plumbing.
This is the hall but gives you an idea of the demo (good times!).

We salvaged the window and door trim

We have had the house partially finished for five years and now we are trying to complete one room at a time. Of course the paint needed to be refreshed, perfect time to choose new colors.

This is an old headboard I bought at a yard sale, getting ready to paint.

New crown molding...

And finally the after

We still need to refinish the doors and put in some closet organization.
And maybe someday a lampshade!

Thankfully our only guest to date is my 6yr. old nephew who doesn't seem to mind the lack of a bedroom door.

Thanks for stopping by our guest room.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

a piece of the old home reused!!

First I would like to thank everyone for the lovely comments left about my table scape.

Back in 2001 I moved our home down the road..

the side door step turned out to be larger than anyone ever thought. Originally the plan was to reuse it as a door step when it arrived at it's new location but that never happened.


The step sat in the side yard for years with weeds growing up around it and last year we finally finished the landscaping on the side yard. My plan was to use it as a step in a flower bed. Since last fall we have had a step at the bottom of our side yard, I'm sure it raised some interest with the neighbours!! This weekend we finally planted a perennial bed around it. My husband is going to make me an arbour to go over the step and I still need some more shrubs. Fall clearance I think.

a few more pics...

The new bed is to the right of the house, we over look a river in the back. This is our deck my husband started to build last summer, hopefully it will get finished this summer. Our dogs really enjoy the deck....

Spaniel sunbathing!

Well that was this weekends project, hopefully by next week the spare room will be back together for some pictures. Thanks for stopping by have a great week.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Please join our hostess, Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for more awesome tablescapes!
These are photos of my Mother's Day table and my first post to tablescape Thursday. Have a look and hope you enjoy.
The table is all set for lunch come and enjoy...

Stokes "Celine yellow" dish set

Lots of white tulips fresh from the market

Thanks for stopping by hope you enjoyed my table.....

I started a blog......

In 2001 I moved my Father's family home from the farm to a new property down the road. It had been left unoccupied for many years and was in need of major restoration. This blog documents our journey to save " the old home ".